Specialised in the production of rubber-bonded
abrasive cutting and grinding wheels

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At our factory we manufacture rubber-bonded cutting wheels with a minimum thickness of up to 0.12mm. This process results in precise, burr-free cuts with fine surface finishes and minimal cutting losses.


Materials suitable for cutting and our quality recommendations.


Standard dimensions, diameter and thickness.


Guaranteed tolerance ranges by diameter and thickness Natural rubber as a bonding agent.


Natural rubber as a bonding agent

Rubber-bonded cutting wheels are made from abrasive grit, which performs the abrasion and grinding for the specific application, and natural rubber, which acts as a as a bonding agent to bind the individual abrasive grains. During the combustion process the rubber vulcanises, firmly encasing the abrasive grains. This gives the rubber-bonded abrasive cutting and grinding wheel its final hardness and stability. Unlike resin-bonded and diamond cutting discs, this is a “soft” cutting wheel. This softness and the use of fine grain sizes enable precision cutting